Mi P. Harrington (they/them), known within the UK art community as Sushi Roll Cat, is a queer, disabled artist and streamer that is best known for their illustrations of pretty boys surrounded by flowers and yellow halos.Mi is inspired by the art nouveau and pre-raphaelite art movements, as well as the Victorian language of flowers, floriography. Most of their work features original characters that explore different queer identities and relationships.Mi has worked as the lead artist for the independently published queer art and literature zines Pinkwashed Quarterly and The Mausoleum, where they produced unique cover art for each issue as well as page illuminations and title pages.They have also worked in partnership with organisations such as Comics Youth CIC and Wild and Kind CIC where they were commissioned to create artwork that raised money and awareness for marginalised individuals.In August 2018, Mi showcased their art series 'Drink Your Gender' at People Power on Paper, an art exhibition at Cave Pimlico, showcasing young artists and their art discussing modern social progress. Alongside this, one of their queer themed button badges is included in a Discover Bucks Museum collection that focuses on art and everyday items from minority groups in the county.Outside of their art, Mi has a Bsc in Biotechnology with a specialism in plant science, working as a part time freelancer in digital publishing.

Published and featured works and exhibitions

Comics Youth cic trans charity zine

Towards the end of 2021 and start of 2022 I was selected to feature in a trans educational zine put together by Comics Youth CIC, a creative community organisation that aims to empower youth in the Liverpool City region.
How It Is and How It Should Be- Shaping A Future for Trans Young People, was a zine focused on featuring work and creative media from trans and gender-queer individuals. I created a piece centred around the theme of 'trans joy'.

Pinkwashed Quarterly // The Mausoleum
Independent Zines (2019-2020)

During it's time in production, I worked as the lead illustrator for the Queer run and independently published zines, Pinkwashed Quarterly and The mausoleum.Pinkwashed Quarterly (2019-2020) was a zine dedicated to the revival of the 1890s counter culture and following the ideals of the Arts and crafts movement and featured art and literature from queer creators that followed a set theme or idea.I designed my own artworks for each theme that featured as the cover art forthe issues, always monotone illustrations on yellow backgrounds. I also themed my cover art throughout the issues with custom page illuminations that reflected not only the volumes' themes, but the overarching aesthethic of Pinkwashed.After Pinkwashed Quarterly was retired, the team and I moved to begin work on The Mausoleum (2020-present), . literature zine that features new romantic, decadent, and aesthetic poetry and prose by queer creators. Here I am the sole illustrator, and continue to create cover art for each issue.


In August 2018, my series of work 'Drink Your Gender' showcased in the pop up exhibition 'People Power On Paper' that was held at Cave Space, Pimlico.The event featured young artists and art that discussed modern social progress. I decided to focus on the topic of gender queer identities and questioned the issue of how society views those who identify outside of their assigned sex.

Community voices

In 2019, one of my pride button badges was entered and showcased in the CommUnity Voices Exhibition, curated by the Discover Bucks Museum.The exhibition represented a number of minority communities from Bucks county including the LGBTQ+ community, which my badge represented.My badge 'Be You' encourages pride in queer identities and for being an authentic version of yourself whether out or still questioning and finding yourself.

Currently closed

ART CARDS~55x87 mm brown art card with red pencil and black ink. Simple, stylised bust illustration of a character of your choosing. OCs and media characters welcome, both humanoid and furry. Real people are accepted but please refer to my T&Cs for more information on that.£10 per card (+ postage)
Get 10% off your commission when you order a whole party or large set of art cards.

CHAOS BEANSA digitally drawn chibi face rendition of a character of your choosing. You can pick the expression and any extras you may like, e.g., text, flowers, sparkles etc.£20 for one
£35 for two

Get your bean printed as a sticker for £3 (+ postage)
~7cm gloss vinyl sticker

Terms and Conditions

- I have the right to deny any commission.- In the case of artwork of a real person, you must have permission to share photos with me from the person being drawn. I have the right to deny your commission if I feel you do not have this.- You must be able to provide clear references. Picrews and similar character generators are welcome, given you provide any clear notes on differences in your character's design (e.g., has specific tattoos or jewellery not in picrew.) Please be sure to note any desired poses/expressions/details that you would like.- I am happy to accept character design work for any characters that may not have a reference, but please note that I will charge 25% extra for the extra work that I will have to put into drawing your character and any revisions that are needed to refine the sketches/colours to your liking. In this case, I will ask for a mood board/pinterest and a detailed written explanation of the character.- All payment is taken up front via PayPal invoices. As such, you must be willing to share your PayPal email with me (please do not share paypal.me links with me).- Payment plans can be arranged for commissions over £50, but a downpayment of at least £25 is still required upfront. Until the invoice has been paid off, all sketches, wips, and final looks will be watermarked. High-res, watermark free files will not be sent until fully paid. Your plan can be catered, but it is expected that you will pay off an agreed amount each month until fully paid (minimum £20 each month).- All shown prices are base prices and are subject to increase based on the detail of your commission. High detail characters (e.g., armour, intricate clothing/tattoos/accessories) will be charged more. Full illustration and card commissions are subject to the greatest price variation due to background details, the number/amount of character(s) visible, and lighting etc. If you are unsure, please ask me and I can estimate a price for you.- Commissions are not for commercial use. Please email me to discuss prices for commercial illustrations if desired. Please note that commercial prices are higher than the listed commission prices here.- A high res png file of your commission can be emailed/drop boxed to you upon request.- You are welcome to use your commission as desired, granted it is non commercial, (profile pictures, banners, wallpapers, printing for your walls etc. are all okay!). If you share your commission anywhere online, it is appreciated that you credit back to me.

- DND/TTRPG/RPG characters (including FFXIV etc.)
- Personal OCs
- Furries/Anthro/Non-human
- Fictional characters from established media (TV/Movie/Book/Podcast), given you can provide references
- Real people (please see rule on this above)
- Light NSFW for customers 18+, such as non-explicit nudity, kissing, lingerie, suggestive poses

- Heavy/Explicit NSFW or gore
- Characters/ships that are homo/transphobic, pedophilic/non-con, a racist caricature, or who may be from media that promotes these. I have the right to deny any requests.
- Heavily armoured/mecha characters

COLOURED SKETCH BUSTColoured bust sketch of up to 4 characters, with little/no lighting/rendering on a flat colour background.£45 for one character
+50% per additional character.
4 characters max.

RENDERED COMMISSIONSFully rendered illustration, with lighting, on a simple background.Bust- £60+ for one character
Half body- £90+ for one character
Full body- £120+ for one character
+75% per additional character.
A frame background can be added for an additional £15 for portraits, or £25 for half/full body.All characters will be drawn on the same canvas, for separate illustrations of each character, you will charged full price for each.

TAROT / ORACLE / FLOWER CARDSBust/half body (composition dependent) illustration based on your choice of tarot card, oracle card title, or flower. The illustration can be either flat coloured or fully rendered, with a detailed background, and a choice of two different frames.Flat coloured card- £150+ for one character
Rendered card- £220+ for one character
+75% per additional character, maximum 3 characters.
You may be charged more for cards with a complicated/more detailed composition.

FULL SCENE ILLUSTRATIONFully illustrated piece with rendering, lighting, and high detail in both the featured character(s) and background. Price is dependent on the level of detail, number of characters, amount of character(s) visible, lighting, composition etc.
Starting base price of £500.

You can commission me to create custom emotes for Discord/Twitch. These are created with the understanding that they are used in a pseudo-commercial fashion (via Twitch subs), but must not be used for alternative commercial means (e.g., stickers or any other form of merch)
£12 each // 3 for £35 // 6 for £65